Logo / brand design and stream graphics for Twitch Broadcaster, Tech Addict, influencer and entrepreneur, King Gothalion. I've worked with Goth over the years to develop this brand into something that speaks to his content.

The Obvious: An abstract "K and "G" for King Gothalion

Moving away from the formulaic "Tron" style, I wanted to add life and fun to the palette. That's what Goth is all about. It also evokes feelings of the ocean and the nostalgic bright and unapologetically bold colours of retro gaming.

The abstract line of the "K" and the left side of the "G" form a rewind style symbol. A nod to Goths affinity for old school games.

The rounded edges and curves give a friendly and welcoming feel. Retaining some sharpness however.

The overall feel is fun / chill / tech / nostalgia. Still recognisably Gothalion, but as a design it is much more unique to Gothalion's brand values.

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