Logo + Brand design

Logo / brand design and stream graphics for Ekuegan. EK for short. I wanted to create something abstract with futuristic angles and edges—with a focus on the man himself. Something that will work across all ventures. Twitch and beyond.

Since the rebrand EK's channel has grown rapidly and found great success streaming Destiny 2.

A few words from EK:

When it comes to streaming or anything in life, if you want to take it to the next level , it needs sharpness, quality and an identity . Before I met Twaz, I didn’t even have a logo, I changed my Overlay and Panels so many times. It started when I got chosen to be community focus for Bungie, that’s when I knew I needed an identity (something that people can recognize or remember me by). I reached out to Twaz, we only had a few days, and man he rocked it beyond my expectations. When I say that he goes into detail and try to make it revolve around, he used my name and my birth country colors. It was amazing the dedication to detail that he has, felt like he was a fashion designer. As my channel grew, Twaz evolved the logo and branding. He rocked out of the sky, he overwhelmed me with it. The crazy thing is, I never knew the potential, but he made designs that were so effin crispy. I normally don’t like to type long paragraphs . But for him, it’s easy to chat about, the man is , in one word, sensational. He’s not just my graphic designer, he’s also a great friend and supporter of my content. I highly recommend to just check out all of his work. - EK
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