Logo + Brand design

Logo / brand design and stream graphics for DrLupo. In addition to that, I work with Lupo regularly as his brand lead to develope his brand identity / presence, merch, and other ventures. He and MrsDrLupo are wonderful human beings and a joy to work with.

DrLupo's channel had been growing steadily over the years, but in just the first half of 2018, since the rebrand launched, DrLupo's Twitch channel growth has been meteoric—Rising from 118K followers to over 1.97 MILLION! (as of July 18th 2018). Of course, the rebrand is one of many puzzle pieces that resulted in this growth and success, but I'm proud for my part.

Working with Twaz has been phenomenal. He's punctual and professional, with an unmatched eye for design. Not once has he under performed in terms of quality, service, timing, or smiles. Smiles are important, too. - DrLupo
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